More Funny from Wine.Woot

Occasionally, Brandini Toffee is lucky enough to be a featured item on or and their blogging community has shown us much love. Here are a few more comments that we’ve found…

Orgasmic happiness throughout our office has just hit a fever pitch. Our delivery just delivered, Poppers have popped, and I’ll be surprised if the bag lasts until 5 when we go home. I’ve already hidden the rest to be selfish.

– carverlv

Just got my delivery and “popped” open the poppers. Love the new packaging! Makes it much easier to shove my hands in there with out getting all dirty. And I’m sure the resealable feature would be nice…if I could stop eating long enough to try it out. Brandini is the best!

– ssoard

I know the feeling. Thankfully, mine was delivered before it started snowing here.

I really love the new packaging for the poppers. Much more classy than the plastic bag 😛 I never had to worry about resealing them before; they were always DEVOURED the same day as the delivery.

Almost wished I bought more, because the poppers are already half gone.

– Chalion

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