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Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Note to the Brandini Toffee folks:

You people should be in prison for selling this stuff. It’s worse than heroin- or even crack cocaine..! Shame on you..!! You should take up a collection and start a 12 step program…. Have you no sense of decency…? This stuff should be banned by the FDA- This isn’t candy- it’s a virulent and pestilent narcotic (that is merely) disguised as a confection…. Have you have no sense of decency or conscience…? If you did you’d remove this stuff from the marketplace.

By the way, I need two more tins, you drug dealers, you….

I hope you’re proud of yourselves…….

Here’s my money, you no good, heartless junkie sunza*&^%$#@…

– tadp
Oceanside, Ca…