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Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

A post on Wine.Woot during Brandini Toffee’s Woot-Off – 9/22/10

Seems to me what we need here is a pound of toffee and a nice wine to drink with it – maybe the TyTanium/Toffee package!


I was too late to get in on this (I’m a teacher and was on my way from my last class of the day to a meeting, and couldn’t get my phone to load it in time), but I’d rather wait for an all-toffee offering, as well.

Of the three, my favorite was the regular toffee, then the bites, then the bits. I’d love either a sampler pack (with those three plus poppers to try), or JUST the toffee (or toffee and bites). But toffee + a tried and true red wine? Spectacular. (I’m sure it would probably be a logistical nightmare for the good folks at w.w, though.)

I took the three-pack from last winter to my parents’ house for Christmas and shared with them. I thought my dad would give me The Look when he asked how much it had cost and I told him; instead he looked at me thoughtfully and said, “These would make nice gifts….”

Never underestimate the power of excellent toffee.

– XD