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Cal Poly Obsessed

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

I am so obsessed with Brandini Toffee I am home on spring break wishing I had some to crunch. I was never a fan of any toffee until one fateful day I was feeling faint from a long day of sorority activities. Leah presented a bag of toffee. Seeing that my options were to either A) take the toffee or B) pass out I decided to raise my blood sugar to normal levels. Since that day, I have had a toffee obsession that cannot be cured by any brand other than Brandini! (Not exaggerating!)

I will be ordering some tomorrow when I get my wallet from the car!

– TL&M

Yorba Linda, CA

More Love From Canada

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Received a 1 lb box of your most delicious toffee.  Do you have any outlet that sells your products in Canada.  I can’t stop thinking what a wonderful product you have made.

– Mike

La Salle Manitoba, Canada


Thanks Mike! We’re working towards this. Right now we’re only shipping online.

– BT