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Late to the Party

Monday, October 28th, 2013 maybe I’m late to the Brandini party but WOW!  I bought two cans at the Harvest Festival in Del Mar on Saturday.  Can #1 is gone.  This is the VERY best Toffee I have ever eaten.

I just read your story which makes the toffee taste even sweeter!  Good luck to you.  If you need someone to help sell your product at the next san diego event, let me know.  I’m in!!!


Felice K.

Carlsbad, CA

Birthday Brandini is Bomb

Friday, October 25th, 2013

“my daughter ordered the toppings and the can of bits and a bag of toffee for my birthday because she know that im addicted to toffee because i always by heath candy bars, but this toffee is the bomb i am really loving the toffee i wont even share it. i am very satified”

– Nadine S.

BT: Happy Birthday Nadine!