Nobody Confessed to this Robbery!

On a recent trip to Palm springs, Feb 5. 2015, you were giving out samples and i thought i died and went to heaven. not really, but the chocolate almond poppers were so delicious, i purchased 2 bags, sorry i didn’t purchase more!!! but anyway i bought one bag for my family that i was visiting and put another bag in the pantry for my daughter to give to a friend of mine for valentine’s day. the bag i returned with that day was devoured by 5 in less than 5 minutes, i kid you not!!! when it came close to valentine’s day and i told my daughter to wrap it and give it to my friend it was gone!!! either one of her 3 teenagers or her husband must have opened the bag and ate it all!!! nobody confessed to this robbery!!!

– Gloria S.

Orange County, CA

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